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We live in the South East of Northern Ireland in an area which in ancient times was called KINELARTY.

The place-name Kinelarty

Kinelarty is derived from the Gaelic 'Cineal Fogartaigh'. This translates 'followers of Fogartaigh'. Fogartaigh was grandfather to Artán and was alive in 950.

Ancient monuments in Kinelarty

In prehistoric times territorial boundaries were clearly defined by using dolmens, ring forts, ritual sites and standing stones as markers. Such monuments can be found today at Slidderyford (Dundrum), Legananny (Slieve Croob), Annadorn (Loughinisland), Kilygoney (Ballynahinch) and Magheraknock. On modern maps this area is an outline of the present barony of Kinelarty, with Loughinisland as a central hub. Interesting placenames are to be found in the Loughinisland area: Rosconnor (Woods of Connor’s Point), Rademon (Rath of Deman), Castlenavan (Eamhain’s Cashel), Tareesh (King’sHouse), Kilmoremorean (Morean's Big Church) and Cahirvor (Big Seat).Theseand further evidence in early manuscripts, provide confirmation ofanancient Kingship whose history is shrouded in the mists of time.The Coat of Arms of Northern Ireland.










                                   SALLY MURPHY AND SON PHILIP MURPHY

                                        REGISTERED OWNERS OF KINELARTY BERNESE                                                                                                                                      

 We also have a page on the Champdogs site where you will find more information, pictures, picture albums and a list of all our show results for our dogs and much more information, to visit this site click on the following link:

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 We will try to answer any specific questions you may have regarding the breed, if we cannot answer them we we will endeavour to find an answer for you. Please send any of your questions via our contact  page.  We are founder members of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, our Kennel Club Accredited breeders scheme,now called assured breeder Scheme We have three accolades from it

B= Breeder Experience    BC = Breed Club accolade     SB = Stud Book ..

all our dogs take part in all breed specific health schemes i.e. Hip and Elbow testing.   .


All information about our dog's health and any breed related tests carried out in the UK or America are recorderd on their record's on the American Bernese Database Bernergarde site. Follow the links on all our dogs pedigree's to the Bernergarde site or visit


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 Naranja, Giovanni,Tiziana,Tillie,Ruby,Jewel,and Stella.









Bernese Mountain Dog Song

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----------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------


Berner-Sennenhund-Lied von Bernadette Syfrig

















I'm aristocratic, so diplomatic,

I have the soul of Switzerland

High in the hills I have plenty of skills

Nothin's too much to give my man

Back on the farm things got sad

Our breed was saved by a little rehab

- Yodel-odel-ee now we work in therapy

We're the Bernese Mountain Dogs


I'm handsome in my coat of black

With curly waves upon my back

With russet trim and snow tipped paws

And on my chest is the white Swiss cross

I'm a yodelin' miss from the land of the Swiss The Bernese Mountain Dog 


I'm the yodelin' miss from the land of the Swiss

I am the Bernese Mountain Dog

Hitch me to a cart I pull with my heart

I love my people and I love my job

Back on the farm I was quick to learn

Proud to be from the Canton of Berne

Yodel-odel-ay the hurdy gurdy plays

For the Bernese Mountain Dog

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